It’s National Bike Week from 15th-23rd June!








By choosing to cycle you are doing your bit to cut down on Green house gas emissions and helping to fight climate change.

Every kilometre you cycle instead of driving saves approximately 250g of CO2 emissions.

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2 thoughts on “It’s National Bike Week from 15th-23rd June!

  1. 2nd Class, Room 6

    On Monday it too wet to cycle.
    On Tuesday we saw eight bicycles
    in the bicycle rack
    and there were seven scooters.
    We saw Hamish from 1st class
    cycle to school with his Mum.
    Nice bike Hamish 😀

  2. 2nd Class, Room 6

    O M G
    Ellie and Max and Vinu just came into 2nd Class Room 6 and told us that we can win a bike this week if we cycle to school!
    W O W
    That is so exciting 🙂


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