Win a Bicycle if you Cycle on Wednesday!













To celebrate Bike Week we are having

A Bicycle Competition 🙂

Every student who cycles to school on Wednesday will have their name entered into a raffle for a brand new bike from Cycle Plus in Greystones.

Watch this space for more information!

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16 thoughts on “Win a Bicycle if you Cycle on Wednesday!

  1. flang Post author

    Due to limited bike parking space, the seniors will cycle to school on Wednesday and the juniors on Thursday. Everyone who cycles on either of these days will be entered into the draw for the raffle.
    Happy cycling everyone and good luck!

  2. Cormac from 1st Class

    There were loads of bicycles in the bicycle rack today. I had never seen as many as that before. There wasn’t room for them all, so some of them had to be put down by the bins.

  3. merrybeau

    Matthew and Alice cycled today. John Paul, Nicole, Lewis, Shauna, Max, Tom, Tadhg, Abi, Senan, Clara, Jake, Isabella and Shane will try and cycle tomorrow. They will ask their grown up first. Teacher hopes they remember to wear their bicycle helmets. Safety first is very important!

  4. Jack from 2nd Class

    Yesterday there were 8 bicycles and 7 scooters in the bicycle rack. Today there are 40 bicycles and scooters! There are 38 over by the bins. That makes 78 bicycles or scooters. This is 63 more than yesterday!

    1. flang Post author

      Yes Niamh, it’s all about saving energy and leaving the car at home so roller skates count too.
      Well done!

  5. flang Post author

    Don’t forget to let the bike monitors know that you cycled to school so that your name can be entered into the draw.

    Also, please don’t forget to wear your helmets when cycling and high viz jackets if you have one. Safety first!

    The draw will take place on Friday morning.

    Good luck everyone and happy cycling!

  6. flang Post author

    Great news!!
    There are TWO bikes to be won!!

    So get out there and cycle for your environment 🙂

  7. 2nd Class Room 6

    Today ten children from our class came to school on wheels; Bicycle wheels and scooter wheels. Jake said it made him feel healthy. Senan said it was like a work out. Nicole liked it, because it is something she doesn’t get to do everyday. Alice said it made her feel good because she got to cycle her brand new bike. Lewis felt it was good exercise. Cian had fun doing it. Fiona said it wasn’t too much of a work out for her, because her house is not very far from the school. All of the boys and girls say thanks to Fiona for organizing this in the school. It was great that the sun was shining too. Teacher notices that the boys and girls are energized and bright eyed and read to work well. There are no sleep heads.

  8. Jake from Room 6

    We counted all the bicycles and scooters. There were so many we lost count. We think there are 140 bicycles or scooters in school today. That is a lot!

  9. Isobelle from Room 8

    I cycled from Kilcoole to school this morning with my Dad it was really good fun and very healthy too.

  10. Louis & Dean

    Everyone who didn’t win, it doesn’t matter because we all had fun and that’s all that matters! Myself and my brother had great fun cycling to school on Thursday. Well done to the people who did win!


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