‘Eat Local’ Day! (The Belgian Day)

Dear Irish green friends,

Here are some pictures of our little fruit shop.

The ‘Badeendjes’, our climate action group of pupils, decorated a little fruit shop during playtime and they distributed fruit to anyone who wants it.

We asked the children and their parents to bring us fruit and vegetables from their own garden.

We had some pears left from our Tutti Frutti day. Tutti Frutti is a health project in Belgium : the children receive a piece of fruit every week, sponsored by the government and the local authority. This free fruit is not always local fruit, so we asked to keep in mind that every year in October we take action for ‘eat locally’ and they will deliver a Belgian apple or pear next year.

We received a lot of walnuts, apples and of course grapes ! In Overijse grapes are a speciality, although they are mostly cultivated in heated hot-houses. Not so eco-friendly.

We sent out  the message that our food often travels a lot of kilometers and by eating local food, we reduce the CO2 produced during transport.

Best regards,

Joëlle Erkens

Gemeentelijke Basisschool Overijse

Please note: The green team are having a few technical problems!! Photographs to follow.

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