Green Schools: Biodiversity: Two Visitors with Eight Legs!

If we told you that today two visitors arrived in school, in this big basket and that they had eight legs, you might think that two very big spiders came to school.

If you opened the basket and looked in you might think two very large spiders had escaped and were scuttling around the school. How exciting!

So we had better tell you that two visitors came to school today and that they had eight legs between them, so they had four each. Here is one of them:

A very kind Dad brought two baby lambs into school for us to see:

This is what we learned: The lambs are one week old. One is a boy and the other is a girl. One is a twin. They like to eat grass and drink their mother’s milk. If triplet lambs are born the mother does not have enough milk so the farmer and his family feed them from a bottle.

Every class from Sixth to Junior Infants loved meeting the baby lambs. Thank you very much to Frank for bringing them and to Frank’s family for helping too. We had a very interesting and exciting day. It made today a very special one in school.

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