INCREDIBLE SHRINKING CUPS – Green School Activities – 5th Class, Room 12 – Ms. Ní Chárthaigh’s Class

5th Class, Room 12 were given a GREAT opportunity. The class teamed up with the Oceanography Centre in the University of Southampton before they went on a research trip from Southampton to the Canaries, along Mid Atlantic Ridge and onto the Bahamas.

The oceanographers were putting data instruments (as above) 5000m below sea level to see if they could find any information about climate change affecting water levels.

They also put down polystyrene cups that the students from 5th Class had decorated.

The results were amazing. The cups crushed and shrank under the pressure of the water.

Ms. Ní Chárthaigh gave these back to the children today and there are some on display on the stairway on the top lobby.

Watch this space for more news on this fascinating experiment.


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