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Let’s go for a Walk … Cycle or Scoot

Australien ShepperdCreative Commons License Machovicz Photography via Compfight

A New Message from the Green School’s Committee

  • Could all class teachers please put the Walk on Wednesdays sheet on their door and fill it in every Wednesday. Children from sixth class will record the number of children who walked or cycled. 
  • There will be a night off homework or extra yard time (at teacher’s discretion) for the class with the most children who walked or cycled to school each week. We will begin the rewards next week.
  • James Callery from Wicklow County Council will be coming on the 15th March at 1pm for the renewal visit. He said he would like to talk the the Green School committee and perhaps some classes too.
  • The next Green School meeting will be next Wednesday, 8th March at 2pm.
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A collection of photos from our journey towards earning our Green Flag for Biodiversity.

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‘Eat Local’ Day! (The Belgian Day)

Dear Irish green friends,

Here are some pictures of our little fruit shop.

The ‘Badeendjes’, our climate action group of pupils, decorated a little fruit shop during playtime and they distributed fruit to anyone who wants it.

We asked the children and their parents to bring us fruit and vegetables from their own garden.

We had some pears left from our Tutti Frutti day. Tutti Frutti is a health project in Belgium : the children receive a piece of fruit every week, sponsored by the government and the local authority. This free fruit is not always local fruit, so we asked to keep in mind that every year in October we take action for ‘eat locally’ and they will deliver a Belgian apple or pear next year.

We received a lot of walnuts, apples and of course grapes ! In Overijse grapes are a speciality, although they are mostly cultivated in heated hot-houses. Not so eco-friendly.

We sent out  the message that our food often travels a lot of kilometers and by eating local food, we reduce the CO2 produced during transport.

Best regards,

Joëlle Erkens

Gemeentelijke Basisschool Overijse

Please note: The green team are having a few technical problems!! Photographs to follow.

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‘Eat local’ Day! (The Irish day)

The Green Team with locally grown fruit and vegetables.

The Green Team with locally grown fruit and vegetables.













Our Belgian friends in Overijse suggested that we join them in celebrating International Eat Local Day on Wednesday 16th October and we were delighted to take part.

It was all about reducing food miles and our carbon footprint, eating locally grown fruit and vegetables and produce in season.

The food we buy in the supermarket often travels a lot of miles/kilometers to get to the shelves so by eating local food, we can help to reduce the CO2 produced during transport and in doing so help the environment.

We had beetroot, scallions, carrots, potatoes and leeks from the School vegetable garden.

The Happy Pear, our local organic fruit and veg shop, donated fruit and vegetables that were grown locally in County Wicklow – strawberries, tomatoes, chillies, apples, cooking apples and pears.

Supervalu, our local Irish supermarket, donated Irish-grown potatoes, courgettes, butternut squash and kale.

We compared the food miles, packaging, transport and energy used to get a banana from Costa Rica versus beetroot from our school garden, apples from Delgany (3km away) and a butternut squash from Ireland.

We look forward to seeing how the School in Overijse got on with their day.

A big thank you to the Happy Pear and Supervalu for all their help.

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Our New Green School Wardens!












Our new Wardens look after the following areas in our school:

  • Compost – Adam and Nadine check that the compost bins contain no litter and empty the class compost bins into the big compost.
  • Litter  – Zac and Ed help ensure that the school grounds are free from litter and show students where to put their waste.
  • Water – Sive and Jack remind all the classes to turn off the taps and not to waste water.
  • Energy – Erin-Jade and Julia’s job is to get everyone to turn off lights or electrical equipment when they are finished with them.
  • Travel – walk or cycle to school every day which is why they are our travel wardens.
  • Garden -Rita, Keelin, Rory and Jack are our green fingered wardens. They look after the garden, pulling up weeds and watering it.
  • BirdsHannah, Aobha and Heather make sure the bird feeders are full and that the bird tables are clear of stones.
  • Recycling – Alex and Daire remind everyone to recycle plastic, paper and cans.
  • Insects – Emma and Abi check the Insect homes and let us know what they find.
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Bike Week was a great success!

Well done to everyone who participated in Bike Week 2013 and a BIG congratulations to the two boys who won the bikes from Cycle Plus in Greystones.



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