Our Green Code:

St. Brigid’s Green school is the name saving energy is our aim

St Brigid’s was awarded the green school flag for Energy in 2009.


For more information on saving energy go to the National Geographic website.


What St. Brigid’s is doing to reduce our energy consumption:

  1. We have movement activated lights in each classroom so when the classrooms are empty the lights turn themselves off automatically.
  2. We turn off lights and electrical equipment when they are not needed.
  3. We have ‘save energy’ signs in every classroom.
  4. We have turned the boiler down by 1 degree to reduce the heating output.
  5. Our Energy wardens remind the staff and students to switch things off.
  6. We make sure no electrical equipment is left on standby which uses up energy.
  7. We set up the Green schools blog to reduce printing out paperwork and using the photocopier.
  8. Our new classrooms will be better insulated than the prefabs thus cutting down on heating bills and saving energy.
  9. Our new classrooms will be brighter therefore we wont need the lights on all the time. This will save electricity and energy.
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