Our Green Code:

Walk, Cycle or take the bus, just dump the car be green with us!












St Brigid’s received their Travel flag in 2011.


WOW – Walk to school  On Wednesdays


BOW – Bike to school On Wednesdays


What St. Brigid’s is doing to address Travel:

  1. We encourage the students to walk to school on Wednesdays (WOW), Bike to school on Wednesdays (BOW) or Scoot on Wednesdays (SOW).
  2. We suggest car pooling or getting the bus to school.
  3. We take part in National Bike week and have had competitions where the students can win a bike to encourage them to cycle to school.
  4. Walking is good exercise so we encourage walking activities and days out. Leave the car at home!
  5. We teach the students about carbon footprints and food miles.
  6. We participated in the ‘International eat Local’ day with a Belgian school.
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One thought on “Travel

  1. merrybeau

    2nd Class Room 6 remember doing the Travel Theme in Senior Infants. Alice remembers that the teacher asked them to draw a map of their journey to school. Mark remembers doing a survey about the different ways children travel to school. We have made a start on learning about Biodiversity and are looking forward to learning more about it.


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