Our Green Code:

Water, water you’re the best! Let’s save some drops for the rest!










St Brigid’s were awarded their Water flag in 2007.

For more information on conserving water go to the National Geographic website.


What St. Brigid’s is doing to conserve water:

  1. We collect rain water and use it to water the garden and flower pots.
  2. We put plastic bottles full of water in the toilet cisterns to reduce flush levels.
  3. We have quick release taps to save water.
  4. We encourage all staff and students to turn off taps and report any dripping taps to our caretaker.
  5. Water wardens remind everyone to save water.
  6. We have signs in every classroom to turn off taps and conserve water.
  7. Previous committees have visited the Roundwood reservoir as well as the Enniskerry water treatment plant.
  8. We have learnt about water pollution and how it affects wildlife and us.
  9. We try to encourage staff, students and parents to only fill the kettle with as much water as you need.
  10. We had a visit from Veolia our local water treatment plant in Greystones and they explained to us how water is treated and cleaned before it is sent out to the sea. This helps protect our wildlife and environment.
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