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Well worth visiting! The GREEN Blogs shortlisted for this year’s Eircom Junior Spiders Awards

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Prabhu B Doss via Compfight

Among the blogs on the shortlist

for Eircom Junior Spiders Awards

we were very happy to see

GREEN school blogs and blogs with a GREEN theme:

At Primary Level, there is

Newbridge Educate Together’s

Wildlife Zone

and at Second Level

St. Michael’s Community College,


Co Clare’s

Green Kilmihil

Both provide excellent ideas

on lots of GREEN school topics.

Many congratulations to

the hard working and talented

students and teachers involved.

The Green Schools Blog are very happy to be shortlisted for the Eircom Junior Spider Awards


The Green Schools Committee are very happy to be shortlisted for Best Project in the Mega Spiders Category. We are looking forward to the prize giving on 29th April, in ‘The Foundry’ Google’s European Headquarters. We are looking forward to meeting old friends and new. The organizers of Eircom Junior Spiders have a very special event planned.


A Green School Challenge – What can you do if your school is a concrete jungle?

Earning our fifth green flag is a challenge.

Especially, since before we started Green Schools,

it would have been a challenge

to even find a blade of grass in our school grounds.


You can see from the habitat map of our school

that most of our school grounds is yard space,

where we can play. The surface is man made.

It is a special bouncy one, so that if we fell we

wouldn’t hurt ourselves. There is concrete

and tarmac and pebble dash but

there is no grass at all.


However since we started working towards our Green

School Flags, the Green School Committee has been turning

our school grounds green. We did have trees and plant pots,

but the Green School Committee, Michael the caretaker

and the parents on the Gardening Committee have worked hard.

Now we have a herb garden,

a vegetable garden

and a flower garden.

LOOK here and see!


There are window boxes and hanging baskets.

The plants and flowers encourage biodiversity.

Butterflies, insects and birds are attracted to our garden.

Click here to see more 🙂

Sunflowers will produce seeds

Photo by 4th Class

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Photo Credit: the_jetboy via Compfight

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