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6th Class Field Trip to Glendalough – ‘We saw evidence of Biodiversity.’

Glendalough Lower Lake
Photo Credit: Matt Rudge via Compfight

Last Friday both Sixth Classes went on a Field Trip to Glendalough. Sam, Aliha and Heather wrote this piece about their day, with some additional information from the rest of Sixth Class, Room 9

Glendalough was a monastic site in the Wicklow Mountains. These mountains are approximately 400 million years old. The main mountains nearby are Camaderry, Derrybawn, Mullacor and Lugduff. A glacier carved out the landscape there. Glaciers leave many rocks behind and we was many boulders. There was a lot of granite and quartz left in the valley.

There used be a mining village there. The miners found lead, copper and zinc mainly. There are still many ores left in the mountains. We found many rocks around the valley and on the mountain.

We saw lots of evidence of Biodiversity. We were lucky enough to see deer, goats and sheep. Sika deer were brought to the area by Lord Powerscourt. They are not native. They are from Japan. The Sika and Red deer have interbred. There are fallow deer there too.

There was a waterfall and you would generally see goats at the other side. We saw a lot of burrows, where foxes, badgers, stoats and rats could live. There was a boardwalk. This was made to protect the areas from human erosion and the biodiversity in the area.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: RayMorris1 via Compfight