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Green School Notice – Repak Programme – Lesson Plans and Activities

Bag Decay MTSOfan via Compfight

Green School Notice

  • Repak have sent us a new programme which includes lesson plans and activities related to recycling.
  • The programme is divided into class groupings i.e. 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
  • Resources including short videos for the programme can be found at www.repak.ie/schools
  • Ms.Ryan will send around the pack next week to appropriate class groups.
  • The programme can be easily integrated with the curriculum and would make a nice 20/30 minute lesson.

Have a great weekend everyone!

#GlobalCitizenship – Did you know electronic waste is exported from 1st world to 3rd world countries?

Millions of electronic goods:

mobile phones,

laptops, tablets,


digital cameras

and other electronic devices

from old fridges to electric toothbrushes

are being dumped illegally in developing countries.

Why does this happen?

In the 1990s, governments in the 1st world set up ways of ‘recycling electronic waste ‘ Many countries did not cope well with the large amount of e-waste they generated or with the hazards that were caused.

1st world countries began exporting the problem to developing countries where laws to protect workers and the environment are not as strong as in the 1st world.

These electronic goods made up of hundreds of different materials and containing toxic or poisonous substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and flame retardants.

Once in landfill, these toxic materials seep out into the environment, contaminating land, water and the air.

Devices are often dismantled and taken apart in primitive conditions. Those who work at these sites suffer frequent ill health.

Although it is legal to export discarded goods to poor countries if they can be reused or recycled, much is being sent to Africa or Asia under false pretences. Much is falsely classified as ‘second hand’ or ‘used’ good but really these are broken and beyond repair.

What do you think about this?

How can this be improved?

How can YOU help?


Happy Christmas with Recycled Materials

For as long as we can remember, every year at this time, students make Christmas decorations for the Wicklow County Council competition. It is an annual event, that is much anticipated and greatly enjoyed. The decorations are made from recycled materials. All entries are on display in the hall, except for one which has gone on to Wicklow County Council. These Christmas decorations made from recycled materials are all so different and show great creativity and ingenuity. The children had great fun making them. Well done to all involved and many thanks to Ms.McNally who co-ordinated the competition.

Theme of Recycling: Resources: Adventures of a Cardboard Box

Even though we are working on our Biodiversity Flag,

that doesn’t mean that we forget about the other themes.

The first flag we got was about Litter and Waste.

We learned a lot about recycling at that time

and since.


Here are two videos on Vimeo

about recycling that I think you will enjoy.

Both videos are about recycling cardboard boxes.

Cardboard Box
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Douglas Porter via Compfight

Both feature boys of eight or nine years of age.

The first one, is fictional

and the second one really happened.

Which is your favourite?

The Adventure of A Cardboard Box

How many ways does the hero in this video

use the box?

The 2nd video is about this boy.

His name is Caine.
Caine's Arcade at the Exploratorium
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Exploratorium via Compfight

Caine’s Arcade

Did you ever make anything out of a cardboard box?

If you want to know what happened next, take a look at
Caine’s Arcade 2

ECO-UNESCO People’s Choice Award for 4th Class, Room 11 – Improving the Environment

Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee via Compfight

At an event organised by ECO-UNESCO

showcasing top projects about improving the environment,

Miss O’Malley’s 4th class Room 11 has won

The People’s Choice Award.


After being selected from almost 4,000 young people

at the regional finals in March,

70 groups presented their projects

in the Mansion House in Dublin

at a  special ceremony attended by

the President, Michael D. Higgins.


Here is a link to 4th Class Room 11’s prizewinning project.

Well done Ms O Malley's class


Congratulations and Well Done!