Our Biodiversity Mascot!

Meet our Biodiversity mascot – Biodiversity Bee!












As we all know, bees are very important for Biodiversity. They pollinate flowers, plants and crops and without them this world would be a very different place. So with this in mind, we chose to have a bee as our mascot.

She will be visiting every classroom to see what ‘green’ work you have been doing. Please take a photo of your work with Biodiversity Bee and let us see all your great work.

Now all we have to do is name our Biodiversity Bee! What do YOU think she should be called??


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10 thoughts on “Our Biodiversity Mascot!

  1. Our Reporter

    We made a good start on finding a name for our Green Schools’ Bee Mascot.

    Our reporter buzzed around the school, before the bell rang today and asked a number of children what they thought would be a good name for a bee.

    We all thought that Emma’s Buzzbee was a great name for a bee.

    Saorla from Junior Infants said ‘Honey’.
    Jessica from 2nd thought ‘Buzzy’ would be a good name.
    Elena from 3rd suggested ‘Queenie’.

    We wondered if our Bee Mascot is a worker bee or a drone. Worker bees are female and drones in the world of bees are drones.

    We are excited to hear about our new Bee Mascot and looked forward to being introduced πŸ™‚

    Got to fly now …

  2. flang Post author

    Good question girls!
    Maybe our Biodiversity Bee should be female because as ‘Our Reporter’ rightly said worker bees are females and they are the ones that do all the pollinating. So say hello to Miss Biodiversity Bee :-).

  3. Our Reporter

    Well when I buzzed round the yard at break time, I asked the boys and girls what would be a good name for a bee.

    ‘Buzzy’ was a very popular choice. Of the fifteen children I spoke to, ten said ‘Buzzy’ and two said ‘Bob’.
    One said ‘B’.

    Rita from 5th thought ‘Honeydrop’ would be a good name and Bella from 5th said that ‘Bella’ is a great name. She’s always liked it. ‘Bella the Bee’ has a nice buzz to it and ‘Bella’ means beautiful.

    So some good ideas for a name for our mascot there. What do YOU think this bee should be called?

    Got to fly …

  4. Our Reporter

    ‘BEH-ACK’ again πŸ˜‰
    (‘Beach’ pronounced ‘beh-ack’ is the Irish for bee).

    The latest update after lunch …
    Well children are really putting their heads together.

    Students from Third Class:
    Ava, Rose, Martha and Hannah
    combined their brain power and came up with

    A ‘sweet’ idea πŸ˜‰
    Well done.

  5. @SummerBuzz

    Great to see you’ve got a Bee.
    We’re really nice.
    How about EnviroBee?
    Summer Reading @SummerBuzz on Twitter

  6. Second class

    Here are a few suggestions from Second class:
    Busy buddy bee
    Polly the pollinator
    Sweet bee
    Queen bee
    Super bee
    Flying pollinator
    Super pollen girl
    Busy bee


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